Publicado 08 Outubro 2018

Instituto de Telecomunicações

Outra Cidade (Educação / Formação)

: A research position for one Research Grant (“Bolsa de Investigação“) is opened at Instituto de Telecomunicações, in the scope of the Project SECURIoTESIGN, funded by FCT/COMPETE/FEDER (Reference Number POCI-01-0145-FEDER-030657). The recipient of this grant will be responsible for the Activity 4 of the SECURIoTESIGN project (see, entitled Testing and Auditing of IoT Systems. The work of this activity will focus on the tests and audits that need to be performed on IoT devices, regardless of the security mechanisms they integrate. The work will be divided into three main tasks. The first task will identify and describe the use cases for test specification and auditing tools in the IoT environment and will output two potential tools: one for test specification and another for partially automated auditing. The second task will encompass automatic test generation of test specifications from security requirements to attack and system models, specific to the IoT environment. The main goal will be the creation of a tool that will take the models and requirements, and return security test specifications and well structured documentation. The third and final task will identify existing or propose new tools for computer system auditing that may be used on IoT environments. Efforts will also be expended on automating the orchestration of the different tools, to ease the burden of the tester.