Publicado 31 Maio 2019

Universidade de Évora

Lisboa (Educação / Formação)

ICAAM (Institute for Mediterranean Agrarian and Environmental Sciences)

University of Évora

Announcement of one Master Research Fellowship within the framework of the project: ?TRUST: Social innovation strategies for sustainability transitions? (PTDC/GES-AMB/28591/2017 9)

30th May 2019

A call is open to award 1 Master Research Fellowship under the project ?Social innovation strategies for sustainability transitions? (TRUST), PTDC/GES-AMB/28591/2017, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, under the following conditions:

Scientific domain: Social Sciences (Social Innovation)

Admission requirements: Candidates will be admitted to the call when demonstrating: (i) a master degree in social sciences, as sociology, geography, or related subjects; (ii) knowledge in social innovation processes, preferably in rural context (iii) demonstrated qualitative research skills.

Preferential factors for admission:

  • Experience in analyzing processes of transformative change and social innovation;
  • Knowledge about social processes in rural context.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Good collaboration and interdisciplinarity skills.

Work Plan: The overall objective of TRUST is to explore the enabling conditions for sustainability transition(ST) initiatives, the extent to which such transitions support social innovation (SI) and the role of SI in generating transformative change, through actors' networks and agents of change. The team in the University of Évora will analyse two case-studies related with innovation in agriculture, farm systems and food systems, thus in a rural context.

The Research Fellow will be focused on gathering data and information and analysing this material for achieving the aims of the project. The TRUST research strategy follows a participatory research and multi-actor approach with inductive reasoning to make broad generalizations based on the specific observation of existing ST initiatives. The conditions that enabled success, in rural context, will be studied and explored in the case studies to learn institutional, political and social patterns in governance systems that enabled transitions. A conceptual model and an analytical framework will apply in experiential pilot cases-social innovation labs, with local actors, exploring role of actors' networks and agents of change in enhancing SI.

Relevant legislation and regulation: This scholarship will be carried on the basis of a signed contract between the University of Évora and the scholarship recipient, under the terms of the Research Scholarship Regulations of the University of Évora (Ordem de Serviço nº1/2011), the Scientific Research Grant Holder Statute (Law nº40/2004 of the 18 of August and Decree-Law nº202/2012 of the 27 of August) and according to the Regulations and legislation for advanced training and qualifications for human resources of the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT).

Place of work: The work is to be developed at the ICAAM, Polo da Mitra of the University of Évora.

Length of the scholarship: Nine months, beginning in july for a period of 9 months.

Payment: According to the scholarship values applied by the Portuguese Research Foundation ( the monthly payment is of 989, 70 Euros, not subject to taxes, and the contribution to the national social-medical insurance is paid by the project. The payment is done by cheque or bank transfer on a monthly basis.

Selection: The selection is done based on the documentation sent, mainly the analysis of the CV. an interview may be required. The interview will be used to select between candidates equally ranked. When the candidates are not available to come to Évora, the interview may be undertaken using skype.

Selection Comitee: Professor Maria Teresa Amado Pinto Correia; Professor Isabel Ferraz de Oliveira; Doutora Maria Rivera; Professora Elvira Sales Baptista; Doutor José Munoz-Rojas.

Announcement of results: The results will be published through a ranked listed and disposed at the entrance of Colégio de Regentes Agrícolas do Núcleo da Mitra da Universidade de Évora. The candidates receive the information by e-mail.

Period for the call and presentation of application: The call is open from June 17 to July 1 2019, and the results presented until July 4.

The submissions may be done through a motivation letter, a CV, relevant certificates, sent to Prof.ª Doutora Teresa Pinto Correia - [email protected]