Publicado 01 Fevereiro 2019

Instituto de Telecomunicações

Lisboa (Telecomunicações)

A research position for one Bolsa de Investigação for Licenciado (1 BIL) is opened at Instituto de Telecomunicações supported by ?Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)? in the scope of UID/EEA/50008/2019, financed by the applicable financial framework (FCT/MCTES). The grant will be awarded under the following conditions:

Scientific Area: Networks and Multimedia

Group: Network Architectures and Protocols ? Lx

Admission Requirements: Licenciatura degree, or equivalent degree, in Electrical and Computer Engineering or in Computer Science Competence in computer programming Experience with networking protocols

Work Objectives: Modern networks are required to be programmable, giving users of those networks the possibility of specifying different types of routing paths for their flows, such as widest-shortest paths, widest-shortest paths, quickest paths, etc. Current routing protocols are inadequate for these networks, because that they were designed for a single type of paths which have to satisfy a certain number of algebraic properties for correctness of the protocols. However, a multi-criteria routing protocol can be designed that propagates incomparable routes throughout a network, letting the end user select the path that is most appropriate for the current flow. The goal of this project is to investigate the properties, limitations, and performance of a multi-criteria routing protocol, and the performance of a system for online routing of flows that is based on it. The outcomes of the project are: (i) publicly available code that analyzes and simulates the multi-criteria routing protocol; (ii) submission of the conclusions of the project to peer reviewed conferences or journals; (iii) a complete final report.

Applicable legislation: A fellowship will be celebrated according to the regulations defined by FCT, ?Regulation of Instituto de Telecomunicações? fellowships? and ? Estatuto do Bolseiro de Investigação?, according to Law no. 40/2004, dated August 18 (Status of Scientific Research Fellow), as amended and republished by Decree-Law No.202/2012 of August 27, and as amended by Decree-Law No.233/2012 of October 29 and by Law No.12/2013 of January 29, and Decree-Law No. 89/2013 of July 9, and also by Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. Fellowship Regulation of Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P., approved by Regulation no. 234/2012, published in Series II of Diário da República of June 25 of 2012, amended and republished by Regulation no. 326/2013, published in Series II of Diário da República of July 27 of 2013 and amended by Regulation no. 339/2015, published in Series II of Diário da República of June 17 of 2015, and amended by Regulation nº137-A/2018, published in Series II of Diário da República of February 27 of 2018.

Place of work: The work will be developed at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, based at Torre Norte, Instituto Superior Técnico, under the supervision of Professor João Luís Sobrinho.

Duration: 6 months, with the possibility of renewal, till the end of this project or another project that replaces it. Start date: 16th March 2019 (or soon thereafter).

Monthly salary: 745Eur, according to the table of grant amounts awarded directly by FCT for positions held in Portugal (www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores). The payment will be made by bank transfer.

Selection criteria:
Academic performance (50%)
Competence in computer programming (20%)
Advanced knowledge about routing protocols (20%)
Letter of motivation (10%)
The Jury has the right to not admit any of the candidates that applied for this position.

João Luís Costa Campos Gonçalves Sobrinho
Mário Alexandre Teles de Figueiredo
José Brázio

Communication of the results: Results will be published at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, in Lisbon. The selected candidate will be notified by email. The scholarship may remain to be awarded if no candidate with sufficient scientific merit is identified. Apply online clicking on the ?Apply Now? button in this form. E-mail submissions are not accepted. (The cover letter and the CV are mandatory documents in the online application platform)