Looking for a Hair Lobby salon partner

Publicado 16 Fevereiro 2021

Hair Lobby, Lda

Lisboa (Beleza / Moda)


The Hair Lobby Salons provide all beauty services to the average and high end class of women and men. Our Hair Stylists and Beauticians, are highly trained. For this we have an in house training system, from basic training to the highest professional level. We are looking for self-motivated people to work in a multicultural environment. You should be a top professional. Our career plan allow you, at the top, the possibility of having the co-ownership of a Hair Lobby salon. You are highly motivated to follow this career plan up to level 4 and you may be one of our salon managers leading a team of hairdressers and beauticians and have a salary of more than € 3,000.00 per month including commissions and dividends. Please contact to +351 916952682 and send CV with foto to [email protected]