Assistant Professor in Economics

Publicado 09 Novembro 2020

Forward College

Lisboa (Educação / Formação)

Location: Lisbon with possible mobility to Paris, London, and Amsterdam at a later stage.

Start date: May/June 2021

FORWARD COLLEGE is a novel Higher Education Institution designed for bright students who wish to achieve academic excellence but also nurture their practical, technological, social, and emotional intelligences. We leverage the whole spectrum of human intelligences: cognitive intelligence to analyse and solve complex problems; social intelligence to engage people across different fields of expertise and backgrounds; emotional intelligence to manage one?s balance, be mindful of others, and nurture creativity; and practical intelligence to implement projects effectively, harness technology, and deliver lasting change.

Forward college aims to blend tradition (for excellence) and innovation (for relevance). Our double degree programme combines

  • A fully accredited academic BA/BSc designed by world class universities. The teaching material is delivered to Forward students online by these universities. Students? learning is organised and supported by Forward Faculty on campus through a flipped classroom approach.
  • A highly innovative Bachelor in Business Leadership (BBL).

Our teaching approach combines

  • A bespoke tuition with a students to faculty ratio of 10:1with small group classes (15 on average) and weekly one-on-one tutoring (for the academic BA/BSc)
  • Innovative approaches such as peer to peer, personal development and project-based learning (for the BBL); digital learning and flipped classroom (for the BSc/BA).

As an Assistant Professor (Teaching) you will support students? ambitions and achievements in their BSc in Economics. Working with the Forward Research, Development, and Design Team, and a Senior Academic Advisor from your field, the post holder will be responsible for

  • Translating the curriculum delivered by the universities into Forward innovative teaching approach
  • Designing and implementing the flipped classroom sessions throughout the academic year (15 students / class)
  • Designing tests and formative assessments that will support students in achieving learning outcomes
  • Organising and providing the one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • Organising talks and conferences with experts in their field of expertise for the benefit of Forward?s students and staff

The appointment will be at the level of a tenure-track Assistant Professor for two years, leading to a permanent appointment after the completion of a tenure review process after 24 months.

Person specifications


  • A PhD in Economics from a top-tier University
  • Passion for teaching and learning
  • Excellent record in teaching
  • An appetite for connecting data analysis to real problems
  • Knowledge of pedagogies of Higher Education teaching (PGCHE or equivalent)
  • Experience of working in a multidisciplinary team and be collaborative
  • A commitment to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment for students
  • Excellent level of English.


  • Knowledge of languages other than English
  • Multinational educational experience
  • Evidence of engaging in continuous professional development


  • Gross Salary of approx. 45-50k? /year

How to apply

Please apply Here before November 15. The post will start in May / June 2021 or as soon as practicable afterwards. An interview phase will be held in between. Any further queries: [email protected]