Senior Data Scientist

Publicado 29 Junho 2020

Damia Group

Porto (Publicidade / Marketing)

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to join Semasio in Oporto.
Semasio offers its Software-as-a-Service-solution to media agencies and advertisers. Based on the User Intelligence Platform they can generate, through the online users, an own profile database of their target groups . By means of a unique semantic profiling model, which Semasio is currently developing, a maximum quantity of information is extracted from the data. The generated user profiles can be used to define target groups for each marketing objective and to address them flexible, without spreading losses and independent from media?s targeting Services.
Key experience & qualifications:
At least 5 years of professional experience as Data Scientist;
Strong experience with a range of statistical and machine learning techniques;
High experience with large data sets;
Experience with high data volume;
Experience in understanding business problems and looking for different solutions;
High communication skills;
Experience in managing (teams and/or projects) - plus;
Fluent in English.
Key skills and attributes:
Formulate, suggest and manage data-driven projects which are geared at furthering the business needs;
Cleaning data from various entities for later use by Junior Data Scientist;
Data Science mentoring;
Select and employ advanced statistical procedures to obtain actionable insights;
Cross-validating models to ensure generalizability;
Suggest ways in which insights obtained might be used to informa business strategies.
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