Marketing Analyst

Publicado 14 Fevereiro 2020


Lisboa (Publicidade / Marketing)

Description Focuses upon the provision of advice and administration and provides services across the related function in line with procedures and concepts.Ensures a high quality of work and influences business decisions through council or advice using specific skills and expertise. Typically reports to the Manager. Job Responsibilities

  • Demonstrates a good understanding of procedures and concepts through extensive experience in delivering objectives and provides operational support in line with these;
  • Provides a high quality of service and ensures work iscompleted accurately;
  • Identifies and delivers the best course of action based on analysis of the information given;
  • Has a good understanding of how the team collaborates and works with others to meet the objectives ;
  • Has sound and comprehensive communication and diplomacy skills in order to exchange complex information and convey objectives and outputs to stakeholders in a clear way;
  • Uses judgement based on analysis of information and resolves problems by identifying and selecting solutions through the application of acquired technical experience;
  • May act as systems/tools expert;

Skills Modern Marketing Leadership Business Acumen Complexity Management Segment Strategy and Planning Always on Marketing