Marketing Manager

Publicado 02 Dezembro 2019


Lisboa (Publicidade / Marketing)

We invite you to collaborate with us and our team in developing exclusive products, you will need to use 100% of your creativity.

The demands requested in your work will serve for your individual and professional development.

Our company works with software that helps us to be more productive, to stay focused and also to measure our results so we can continue working together and continuously toward common and individual goals.

The salary is linked to a three-tiered bonus program: Basic / Advanced / Pro. These levels are based on your personal goals in conjunction with the company goals that will be set together.

For the first 2 months, we will look at your experience, at the skills you need to develop and at your productivity in conjunction with the bonus system designed just for you.

Our company policy is to make everyone work with commitment and dedication in the same direction, so we'll be able to offer both financial and motivational compensation.

  • Contract, salary + bonus + meal allowance
  • Free access to the gym
  • Mobile phone
  • Integration into innovative projects
  • We manage the accommodation for you
  • Immediate start

Because of the customization of the concepts developed, we are looking for professionals who are willing to sign an exclusive contract with N.O.S.S.A. KJAG UNIPESSOAL LDA, with the following characteristics:

  • Coordinate all the marketing actions contributing to promote and develop our products
  • Develop the marketing plan and the selling plan
  • Manage the software system / bonus system
  • Manage and plan all the business related with our products
  • Follow-up the company and the employees goals
  • Ability to coordinate teams
  • Execution of reports
  • Ability to negotiate
  • Ability in solving problems
  • Ability to analyze the market and indentify new opportunities
  • Graduated / Experienced in Marketing, Branding, graphic programs, social media and design
  • Experience in similar functions
  • Solid knowledge in procedures and digital marketing
  • Experience in creation and edition of newsletters and social media
  • Good knowledge in English
  • Entrepreneurial profile, dynamic and creative
  • Good working on teams
  • Planning and organization skills

N.O.S.S.A. KJAG UNIPESSOAL LDA is a construction, project management, architecture and engineering company, originally established in Sweden and operating in the market for 23 years. Developed and shaped public works, discotheques, bars, restaurants, buildings, historical buildings restorations, among others, in various countries such as Sweden, Portugal, France, Brazil and Poland.

At this time, the company is based in Portugal, Tavira. We are evolving and expanding in Branding and Marketing, and this is where a new strategy is created.

This strategy points to the creation of complex projects, highly innovative and requiring cutting-edge technology, with various details and focusing, above all, on the customization of unique and original concepts and designs.